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logo-logoATTO is a company that for over 50 years has been perfecting and manufacturing laboratory machines and equipment that are considered to be the Gold Standard on the extremely competitive and quality driven Japanese market. ATTO’s fine reliable machines have established their good name and earned thousands of satisfied and loyal customer from all over the world.

ATTO manufactures a number of different product lines. Unmatched in quality and performance electrophoresis equipment (1D-, 2D- & Agarose electrophoresis) with various sizes and number of gels; Blotting systems (Wet & Semi-Dry) with capacity of 1 to 4 gels that can be analyzed simultaneously; Imaging systems (Fluorescence, Chemiluminescence, Bioluminescence, Luminometers, Spectrometers, Gel documentation systems, etc.). ATTO manufactures also excellent power supplies, peristaltic pumps, block incubators, shakers and all of the consumables that are needed for their machines.

A special emphasis goes to ATTO’s masterpiece Kronos-Dio. This state of the art piece of equipment is a system for measuring bioluminescence in living cell and tissues, thus allowing you observe gene expression of various types in real time. Further to this it also serves as an incubator in which you can regulate the humidity and CO2 levels. This unique feature allows you not only to reduce all the risks related to constantly moving the dishes from the incubator to the bioluminometer and back again, but also makes Kronos Dio labour and time efficient.


GENTAUR is a company that specializes in supplying research and diagnostic laboratories with complete solutions for all of their needs. With a team of biologists and biotechnologists with scientific backgrounds in various directions and 8 offices in Europe + one in USA, GENTAUR is a reliable partner and supplier that you can entrust with your needs and specific demands towards the products that you need. Our long years of experience working with clients from all around the globe helps us to understand and satisfy your needs in a quick and efficient manner.


ATTO and GENTAUR have a long term partnership and are the best choice that one can make for equipping a laboratory by highest standard at affordable and reasonable price.